Sketches and Poses!

Apr 1, 2023, 6:52:30 PM

All this stuff above, done with AI.

April Fools. Yeah, that was lame-o. No AI here, sonny. I drew these myself.

This is kind of a random grab bag, but it's a combination of stuff I did this week and some sketches I did from beforehand.

Not all of it is Magical Girl Kamiko related -- as you might notice from the addition of a bit of fan art in the middle of this dump -- Power from Chainsaw Man.

I was thinking I should definitely do more fanart and maybe some other art to practice outside of my usual.

I also left a lot of the construction lines in. Some of these sketches I started with cubes and then put down construction lines to build heads and figures from that. Some of the poses also use photo reference. I feel like I'm getting better at constructing volumes and poses. My hands also look better than they usually do. A lot of this is my continued effort to try and draw without making a lot of sketchy lines. So I have to think a bit before I try to put anything down and it's starting to... pay off? I hope so.

Anyhow, I hope you're weekend is going great. See you next Saturday!