Not Reported

Feb 20, 2017, 10:36:51 AM

Not Reported

"Not Reported" huh? Looks like the crew of the Apollo 11 aren't on Jade's good side.

This is the current style for the webcomic. It's in a 4koma (4-panel) style. They'll be a lot simpler and I'm going to keep the high contrast appearance so it matches The Rabbit and the Moon and the majority of the artwork here on This Mortal Coil.

Again, most of the words don't belong to me. Ronald Evans of CAPCOM during the Apollo 11 mission spoke the words over the radio.

Of course, Jade takes some umbrage to them.

But he seems to get upset over all kinds of things.

Jeez, wait till he meets Kamiko.

Production Notes

As for the production of this comic, it took maybe 6 hours over the course of today. As you can see a lot of the art is repetitious, but it's to help keep the amount of drawing down. A lot of it exists in the gag, but maybe in the future I shouldn't be so heavily reliant on text.

The shape of the strip is different too. Most of the comic pages were more manga sized pages, but this is actually breaking with the comic page approach I've been doing.

I made a slight modification to allow the comic pages in a book to vary from height to height. So one page can be short and another one long and it'll know how to display it properly when you swipe or page through a comic book, such as Lady of the Moon.

That'll help free up the expression of This Mortal Coil. Instead of doing traditional manga pages, I could do these long 4komas or even do a full comic that was vertical a la webtoons -- although I might want to find a way to split the comic up into stitchable vertical images, but that may complicate things.

I still haven't made any forward progress on My Neighbor Kamiko. That may be delayed as I'm job hunting and focused on doing the indie author thing. So for now we'll have smaller comics like this.

I'll try and make them for Mondays, but no guarantee.

So what do you think of this new style of comic we're trying for This Mortal Coil? Do you like the manga style pages or do you prefer something like this?