Rock the Train

Nov 28, 2016, 9:00:54 AM

Rock the Train!

Inktober Drawings

Rock the Train has 3 Inktober drawings. The first one is Day 8's theme "Rock" Kamiko and Jade are caught in the train's isle/hallway when it begins to rock back and forth.

Day 9's theme is "Broken." Kamiko breaks a heel (of course, right).

Day 10's theme is "Jump." With Kamiko falling over Jade jumps out of her arms, and on that poor girl's head.

The Rabbit and the Moon Printed Edition Cover

The Rabbit and the Moon Cover Mockup #2

The Rabbit and the Moon Cover Mockup #2

It's not quite the finished cover, but it's close to it.

I took the image from "Kamiko and the Thread" and extended it to the back of the book with the red ribbon. I also came up with a small logo for the "publishing company." I liked the idea of including the butterfly somewhere, and it seemed like a good logo for the time being. Maybe it'll stick!

I also came up with the text copy for the back of the book.

Here it is:

"In Japan's Yayoi era, Houyi the Archer came and sealed away an angry wolf god.

In modern day Japan, that earthenware prison has broken and the wolf god seeks revenge on his immortal wife, Chang'e, the Lady of the Moon.

He aims to steal Jade the Rabbit's Elixir of Immortality and live forever. Can Kamiko, an upstart Shinto deity, save her friend and stop the demon before it's too late? Or will she need a miracle?"

About the Author

Glenn Song is the illustrator and writer for This Mortal Coil. He is a software engineer in the games industry and the illustrator for Lolita Fashion Coloring Book for Adults.

You can read more of This Mortal Coil at

The book itself is coming along.

I've redone the interior pages. I redid the front matter of the book so that it has some more copyright information. I submitted the updated interior yesterday as well as this cover.

I got back a proof this afternoon, but the cover was wrong. Turns out I was calculating the spine wrong. For some reason I thought it was every set of two pages, but that meant my spine was only half the size. I recalculated it updated the cover. It's quite a thick book since the interior has to be in color.

The book is also going to be quite expensive to print through CreateSpace. I'm seeing a minimum of $33.99. I don't really know how low it can go though.

But my goal is to get a vanity print and to test out the interior material and see how it looks.

I want to know if CreateSpace can even handle printing a heavy b/w with minimal color book like this.

In the end I may go with another printer if I do decide to actually do a run. I might also get an actual ISBN to go with it.

If I go that route, which I most likely will, you may see a Kickstarter, but I don't know how popular something like this will be. It maybe a very limited run on Kickstarter -- whatever the most minimum order of books I could do with a little profit for me.

I would still have a lot to learn about Kickstarter though.


Something I enjoy doing is creative fiction which I couldn't really do because I was illustrating This Mortal Coil.

I'm free this year from that and I wanted to explore an idea I had from 8 years ago.

I was rusty but I've managed to cross 50k words for NaNoWriMo and I'm enjoying that novel.

I'm going to serialize my NaNo Novel on Wattpad.

You can read it here.

It's called "The Mechanical Bird." It's a steampunk fantasy story about a young woman named Alicia Reynard who develops an airplane. There's a secondary character named Elena Singleton who developers her world's analytical engine. It's the story of their friendship and adventures together.

I forsee myself writing this novel for the next few months. My goal is to take this novel to completion and try and rack up some rejection slips.

I'm putting it on Wattpad to get feedback in the mean time. When it's done there, it'll be a rough draft of the book.

What does this mean for This Mortal Coil?

Next year I may also try to take a few of the story ideas for This Mortal Coil and author some short stories/picture books. I'm not sure yet. A full on graphic novel would be cool, but seeing how time consuming it ultimately is, I'll have to figure out how to best handle that.

If you have any questions of comments please don't hesitate to ask!

More next time...