Kamiko by Bill Reed (Far Side of Utopia)

Mar 14, 2016, 4:01:35 PM

Where This Fan Art Piece Started...

Today's fan art of Kamiko comes from the artist and illustrator for the webcomic The Far Side of Utopia, Bill Reed.

This originally came about from a forum post on Webcomic Underdogs back in late January:

"While I can do what I usually do with background 'posters' and just sort of scribble on them, but I've never been super happy with that approach, and I figured it'd be funny idea to include fan-art of other webcomics if there were people interested.

I'm not going to guarantee it'll happen, but the general idea is that your magical girl would be on a poster on a wall in the background - it'll probably be not super visible, but!"

I proffered up Kamiko -- she's a magical girl after all -- and this is the amazing artwork Bill created.

You can view the whole page right here. Kamiko's magical girl poster is in the last two panels.

There are several other webcomics represented as well: M9 Girls by hipopotamo and Ariane Eldar private by spg.

I didn't notice this the first time I looked at it, but way in the background behind Kamiko as a tiny spec is Jade floating through space, and of course the trail of butterflies coming from the moon.

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To see some more fan art of Kamiko, follow this link: Fan Art Gallery.

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