Feb 17, 2021, 4:00:00 PM

Valentine's Day Crossover!

If you checked out Sunday's post, I mention that for Valentine's Day we did a crossover series of comic pages in the Webcomic Underdogs community.

We each drew our characters exchanging chocolates. So I ended up drawing this comic for Lee Marquis, who writes and draws the comic Kodiet, which you can read at

Kodiet is a medieval fantasy comic about the young Lord Hylam trying to track down a vigilante named Sierra-Star. The comic is interspersed with worldbuilding notes on how the different magical elements work. I haven't had a chance to read the latest chapter, but I'll find some time. If you like fantasy, check it out.

The theme of the crossover was that our main characters give each other chocolates. From Kodiet we have Naruto Lord Hylam who's got the best chocolates in town. Of course from This Mortal Coil we have none other than Kamiko, and she'll be the judge of that.

So, Will There Be More New Comics?

Well, I'm active doing comics again. I have been since January.

I gotta say this page looks more done than all of the previous pages of Magical Girl Kamiko I've done. Again, that's a product of sitting at a computer where I have the full power of making digital art.

I've made it a morning ritual to do some work on the new story -- hey, I don't have a commute currently, so I figure it's best to do something of my own before I start work.

So, does this mean we'll begin to see the debut of the next story soon?

Let's make it official.

The continuation of Magical Girl Kamiko starts this Saturday.

I have 7 weeks worth of comics. That might be enough to draw another 7 weeks worth. Who knows.

Have a great day. I hope you enjoyed the Valentine artwork/comics, and see you next this Saturday!