Magical Girl Kamiko: Play Ball!

Jul 19, 2020, 11:46:27 PM

Here batter, batter!


Kamiko's no stranger to baseball, and the pin-up illustration is silly, which is the way I like it.

I drew this on my iPad Pro a long while back. I haven't posted art here in sometime, but I'd like to keep putting up new content.

There's also the potential that you could see an illustration like this in a future Magical Girl Kamiko storyline.

Yes, that's right, I've restarted drawing some semblance of a webcomic again. I think as long as I can have fun with it, that's what matters most. It won't be as fully committed or baked like The Rabbit and the Moon though.

Coloring Page

We're all stuck inside, or we mostly should be. It's hard to defy the allure of the sun and summer days. We'll have them again one day.

Until then, why not do some coloring? Here's a version of the illustration as a coloring page.

Play Ball! Coloring Page Web

Play Ball! Coloring Page Web

If you color it, I'd love to see it!

Watch the Timelapse for Play Ball!

I put together a short video so you can enjoy the details and process of making "Play Ball!"

I used Procreate for the entire process. You can see how I tried different poses (a pitching and batting pose) and how I built up my rough sketch to something cleaner, to an inked version, and then colored.

One day I'll do the pitching pose too, lol.

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