Lolita Fashion #29: First Order Kamiko

May 10, 2016, 1:00:32 PM

Kamiko Joins the First Order

This is the 29th image for the Lolita Turntable project. WrathOfBom asked that I do a Lolita style based after General Hux from the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie.

Pencil to Cel-Shaded

Here's a progression from the initial sketch (based off a 3D mannequin) to the final cel-shaded version of her.

I looked up a bunch of reference for Kylo's lightsabre and helmet as well as Hux's cap. I like the tie; Kamiko looks really smart with it. Anne (WrathOfBom) said she's got to have a sneer/smirk.

Also, at her feet is Millicent, the feline friend created by the fanon. It's also the Poverty God from The Shrine. You can visit him late in the evening (somewhere around 11pm PST) or late at night when everything else at The Shrine is closed.

Lolita Fashion #29 Progression

Lolita Fashion #29 Progression

The dress style is probably more aristocratic than Lolita. I found a bunch of military style Lolita outfits, but I liked this look the best.

For the First Order logo, I found an image of it and then used Inkscape to convert it into an SVG and used it for the hat, jacket, and as detail on the skirt itself.

The boots are something I completely made up.

That's all for image. I've got some ideas for the next few as we count backwards to #15.


Here's the video of styles 1-14, 29-30 from my Twitter account:

Stay tuned for more...

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