Lolita Fashion 25: Deerstalker and Hound

Jun 15, 2016, 1:00:03 PM

Deerstalker and Hound... 25/30 for my Lolita Fashion turntable.

It's elementary my dear Watson: Deerstalker and Hound is my tribute to the greatest fictional detective of all time: Sherlock Holmes.

Progression from Rough Sketch to Final

Lolita Fashion 25: Deerstalker and Hound Progression

Lolita Fashion 25: Deerstalker and Hound Progression

I was thinking of doing the houndstooth texture on her deerstalker cap and maybe her skirt but at the resolution I do these drawings at, I think it would look mostly like noise especially when I resize it for the web. It thankfully made it a lot simpler to render her.

It's getting harder to find things for her to hold in her hand. Parasol. Cane. Sword. I've covered the basics and done it twice. I thought, why not a dog? You know, the hound of the Baskervilles.



Lolita Fashion 25: Deerstalker and Hound Inspiration

Lolita Fashion 25: Deerstalker and Hound Inspiration

I took the pose of the bloodhound pretty much as it is. After doing the Rabbit and the Moon, I'm slightly better at drawing animals, but not without some reference. I do like how the dog turned out.

There's eleven more Lolita drawings left.

Oh, the turntable:

Hopefully, that displays correctly.

More Lolita drawings are coming as I try to close the gap and finish off the turntable, but I'm taking a break from it and putting together a retrospective of This Mortal Coil: The Rabbit and the Moon which I hope to show you within the coming week or so.

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