Character Collage 2017

Jun 26, 2017, 7:41:28 PM

Little Tokyo

I got a chance to visit Little Tokyo more in-depth this weekend when a friend from up north flew down. I never knew about Anime Jungle which is a huge figure and character merch store underground. It's a slice of Akihabara right here in Los Angeles.

There's also a lot of cool art stores with a lot of designer/artsy clothing.

Also great food. We had Daikokuya Ramen, Honey Mee, and Oomasa.

Since I had company, I had no time for a new comic, but while we were hanging out I did have time to do some sketching and I made this collage of characters future and past for This Mortal Coil. The sketch and final drawing are all done using my iPad Pro and Procreate.

There are some new faces in this collage, and I look forward to introducing them in the coming episodes of This Mortal Coil.

Timelapse Video

The nice thing about Procreate is the ability to do a timelapse video right out of the app. Here it is:\_C\_6lnnVhG4&t=6s

Webcomic Hiatus

As for the webcomic, I have new scripts in the works that will wrap up the 4-koma series Lady and the Moon. You'll probably see those drop after 4th of July. I've got more company coming for that, because... you know, Anime Expo!

That's all I got this week!

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And as always have a great weekend!