Hiro at the Park Gates, Part 2

Jul 24, 2021, 5:49:04 PM

Take her hand if you want to be spirited away beyond the torii gate into a world that is not your own. Would you do it, or would you hang back like Hiro. I don't think Hiro is afraid of what he'd see beyond the gate. He definitely has something else more existential in mind.

Comic Script

Panel 1:

Natsumi holds out her hand to Hiro. The hand is outstretched like in the original artwork "Come With Me" but appears to reach out of the panel towards the reader (and Hiro).

Natsumi: You sure? I can show you around.

Panel 2:

Hiro: (stares at her, white background, the entire world disappears and he's left with this choice, despite himself saying that he wouldn't follow, there's a moment of doubt.)

Panel 3:

Hiro: (he reaches out for Natsumi's hand)

Panel 4:

Hiro: (...and then draws back. ) No, I think... I should stay on this side. Natsumi: Suit yourself... Bye.

Behind the Scenes

There's not much to say about the behind the scenes for this one. Again, I'm using the set I created to do the park/torii gate backdrop. You can see it's a bit rough, but I didn't want to focus too much on it and blurred it out.

The hand... I used my own hand as a reference. I have a lot of photo reference of my own hands and face making all sorts of dumb expressions on my phone's photo gallery.