Come With Me

Jun 29, 2016, 12:00:33 PM

Come With Me one of the very first published images of Kamiko.

I originally drew this for my Drawing Meats ashcan that we sold at the Alternate Press Expo in October 2010.

Yes, this drawing of Kamiko is that old.

Take a look at her hairstyle. She used to sport a shorter boyish cut that's now become a much fluffier 70s shoujo hairstyle.

Kamiko's fashion has always been inspired by the Japanese Lolita fashion, but this dress doesn't really signify that. You might say it's "Lolita-like" It's got the bell shape, ribbons, hair piece, etc. I'm sure Lolitas might even consider it Kamiko's ita phase.

This drawing was done after the first comic for This Mortal Coil entitled "One of Us." Her dress in that one is even further away from being "Lolita-inspired." I don't really even know what you'd call it. Some horrible goth fashion mashup with lots of lace and ruffles.

The Rabbit and the Moon kept this motif but after browsing a lot of pictures for reference and simplifying the design of her outfit, I think her fashion was better portrayed, and going forward to the next comic, hopefully that will get better and better.