Natsumi-sama ga Miteru

Sep 10, 2022, 8:59:01 PM

Today's update... a small illustration of Natsumi. I hope to begin serializing new work soon. I was going to start this week, but last minute I had a cool idea and I wanted to do it, but I realize starting late in the week and it being a big art piece meant that it wasn't going to happen for today. But, also I haven't shared this illustration -- and honestly quite a lot of illustrations, so it's a good time to add this to the summer illustration list.

But, my plan is to continue the story of Natsumi and Catherine next Saturday.

Oh, in the meantime,

I've also begun to re-serialize the story on these websites:

This way I can share the story with a potentially larger audience. It's made possible because of a little tool I wrote myself to do some of the image resizing/slicing busywork. See, everyone platform has their own pixel size dimensions that you have to adhere to and going to Clip Studio and resizing images for each of them is time consuming. If only I had a tool...

I wrote one in python that I call Webcomic Formatter. It allows me to format it for the three comic platforms listed above and also my own site which has some additional special requirements such as the blog posts being written using the markdown format.

What would take anywhere from 45-60 minutes of busy work to slice and resize images (and cut up comics) now takes mere seconds. I don't have to worry about that and I can simply drag-and-drop images for each platform and share it. It's a super-effective speed up to my publishing workflow. Now, if I could figure out how to access each site and have it auto-schedule the updates then I'd really have something, but as it is, it's saving me a lot of time and letting me concentrate more on doing the art or... doing nothing.