Truck Nuts

Jan 15, 2022, 8:05:51 PM

Today's Comic

Everyone's getting to know everyone in today's comic, and I'm pretty sure they learning not to like one another.

Slow Month

2022 is getting off to a slow start for me, but a lot of that has to do with an upcoming move I have to make. So there's plenty of stress and other things to get done. That means some of my creative energy has been shelved including goals like writing 25,000 words this month. We'll see what I can get done this month.

Something I've never really said in my pursuit of all these creative and self-directed goals is this: if I don't achieve them, it's fine. There's tomorrow, next week, next month. There's a new chance on the horizon to do art, write stories, or learn Japanese. Sometimes life gets in the way (in good and bad ways), and that's okay.

Video Games

To de-stress I've also been playing video games again, mainly Hitman 3.

It's fun.

It's like the reverse of Clue. Instead of figuring out who did it in which room with what weapon, the answer is... I did it, carrying all the weapons, in whatever room I happen to be in and in the messiest way possible. I have to imagine my Agent 47 has his pockets full of random crap. Useful things to ply his trade like lead pipes, screwdrivers, and wrenches, but also apricots, apples, and sacks of sugar. I like that there's a variety of ways to complete an assassination and there's a lot of replayability to learn the maps. So it gets my two thumbs up.

Also, the Hitman 3 software is an interesting way of delivering a game. I can buy Hitman 1 and 2 inside of 3 and get access to all of the levels. There's periodic online content such as new assassination targets using the existing maps. The maps are all varied and have a lot of things to discover about them. I saw IO Interactive's recent Youtube update on Hitman and looks like some more fun things are coming this year.

Mid-week Update

Oh, and watch out for another update middle of next week. I got my Secret Santa from my Webcomic Underdog exchange partner so I'll be posting that.

That's all I got this Saturday. It's a bit rainy where I'm at so I'm probably going to stay in. I hope you're having a good weekend.