Catherine Collage

May 29, 2021, 3:00:00 PM

Catherine Pinups!

I mentioned that last week's page was the end of the current chapter, "Call me Catherine." You can read it from the beginning right here.

For the next month or so... I'll be on a summer hiatus in terms of making new content.

There'll still be new updates!

I'll share some of my Catherine pinup artwork for the next several weekends. I happen to have quite a bit as this collage suggests. I won't post all of them, but a fair amount of the ones that I liked. Catherine's a pinup girl of mine and she dates back to 2006 (and even before I think).

I've been wanting to include her into This Mortal Coil for a few years now. So I have plenty of ideas where she fits in. I suppose it was always a question of when she would appear. Magical Girl Kamiko seems like a good era for her to drop in since it's mostly about sexy pinup girls.

Kamiko's Twitter Channel back!

I had taken it down for a few weeks mainly because I've disbanded my old web host. This means that the scripts that used to run the Kamiko Twitter bot had to be taken offline.

Also this means that the Shrine is offline as well. :(

I'm a bit sad about losing the Shrine, but I have plans to re-invent it.

For now though, Kamiko has returned to Twitter and you can follow her at the same old address: @KamikoShrine.

Kamikobot version 1.0 used PHP. I ran it on a scheduled cron job and she would tweet out either images from the Shrine or her own messages.

I've reworked the code to use javascript. Instead of running my own database, I use a CMS backend -- I know, I know I said I was done with 'em, but the bot is different from the website. I converted all of her content over to the new CMS. To schedule her tweets I can actually use Github Actions.

It's not bad for a free option to bring her back to life -- that is, Github and the CMS I'm using are all free services.

In the bigger picture, it allows me to drop my webhost and run my toys and online projects for free.

Static Site Retrospective Coming Soon

Definitely one reason why I need to take a break is the fact that I redid the Mortal Coil website using Gatsby. In the coming weeks I'd also like to talk about that and share what I learned. Maybe for those of you who are starting out in webcomics and have some engineering know-how it can be a means to build a new type of webcomic site for your own work.

Heck, I'm even toying with the idea of making a Youtube video about what I learned and how I learned it to build the static site.

That's all for this week. Have a great weekend!