Wait!? Garfield!??

Apr 1, 2021, 2:02:00 PM

WHAT? It's Garfield??

The faceless girl was Garfield the whole time!

Haha, the true April Fools joke!

When we were trying to decide on a theme for this year's April Fools someone (and maybe also partially me, but totally not me) brought up the idea of doing the comic as a parody of a mainstream comic a la *cough* Garfield. Uh, that is draw your "secret switcheroo partner's" comic in the style of a newspaper funny.

It didn't have to be Jim Davis styled, but...

Who's funnier than Garfield? Okay, well Calvin and Hobbes. Peanuts. Uh... Foxtrot?

Nah, there'll always be a special place in my heart for Garfield.

I haven't read a newspaper in years, nor seen the Sunday funnies since I was a teenager.

But as a child, I loved Garfield. I used to have a stuffed version of him. My brother had a stuffed Odie. I loved the Garfield Christmas special and the Saturday morning cartoon -- yeah, remember those? When there used to be Saturday morning cartoons... on the major networks. I liked how he was mean to Normal. And Odie's MO was to slurp everything and dumb as a post.

I used to draw Garfield when I was in the first grade -- I guess one of the first characters I really drew on my own. I seem to remember being somewhat "known" for that. I had the comics too. I wonder if that's one of the many sundry reasons why I draw comics now... who knows, huh?

Also, I loved and still love Lasagna because of that orange feline. I don't really have it as much since it's high in cheese and salt, and as much as I love those, my older body doesn't quite.

Still, Garfield surprisingly gave me quite a bit.

And I guess the Faceless girl was Garfield the whole time.

I wonder if she ate Jon?