Kamiko by Alejandro Lee

Apr 7, 2016, 1:00:00 PM

Alejandro Lee, or 47ness painted this rendition of Kamiko as apart of a MASSIVE drawing he did on deviantArt for all of his followers there.

Thanks again Alejandro, Kamiko looks amazing.

If you want to see the full image, and it's a massive 8000 pixels wide follow this link to All Together Now on his DeviantArt page.

Sally Sprocket and Piston Pete

Check out his comic the Ballad of Sally Sprocket and Piston Pete. I read the first few volumes a while back. It's a steampunk robot adventure with a lot of beautiful grayscale artwork.

You can find more of his artwork on deviantArt, of course.

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Follow him on Twitter at @47ness.

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And his Facebook.

Check out his deviantArt portfolio here: www.47ness.com

Want to see your art here?

I have a lot of fan art stowed away for This Mortal Coil now, so you’ll see more of these art pieces go up in the coming weeks. I’ll post on Mondays and Thursdays just to give each piece some breathing room.

To see some more fan art of Kamiko, follow this link: Fan Art Gallery.

If you do some fan art of Kamiko or anything related to the stories of This Mortal Coil, I’d love to show it off here and give you a chance to share your own work. You can ping me on my twitter account @AlbinoGrimby or contact me via the “Contact” page here.