M9 Girls Halloween 2018!

Nov 1, 2018, 4:00:14 PM

M9 Girls! Halloween 2018

Okay, I know Halloween is over, but I wanted to share the artwork I did for hipoptamo's webcomic M9 Girls! They're a magical girl group, so obviously for Halloween, they would all dress up as magical girls.

But, they forgot the key component in a magical girl group... cohesiveness.

Can you guess which series are represented? And have you seen 'em all?

Rulo was able to guess correctly! Also, I must have drawn the M9 Girls pretty decently cause he was able to pick out which girl was which. So I'd consider that a double win. :)

Timelapse Video

I drew this one using Procreate. It's a rough sketch with some value shading. Here's the timelapse video from Youtube:

Happy Belated Halloween!

Eat that candy! But... in moderation. You gotta savor it, you know?