To the Moon, Page 3

Mar 9, 2016, 2:00:31 PM

A new page of This Mortal Coil and it's a definitely NSFW, but we don't do ratings here.

Check Out This Fan Art

I've begun posting fan art of Kamiko and This Mortal Coil weekly. This week's piece is done by an artist named Zionka.

Kamiko by Zionka

Kamiko by Zionka

Impressive, huh?

Kamiko looks like a Disney princess.

Zionka is a new member of our Drawing Meats group. I didn't ask her to draw this, but I'm glad she did! She was looking for a subject to draw and Sherry pointed out my OC to her. Who am I to say no? :)

You can find more of Zionka's artwork here:

Hey, if you are interested in drawing fanart, tell me!

If you do draw Kamiko, tweet it to me at @AlbinoGrimby. I'll ask for your details (social media, website, etc) and you'll be spotlighted on the website.

Want to Watch Me Draw This Mortal Coil?

I've got a channel now: This Mortal Coil

I tested out all the moving parts last week. It's all setup and ready to go. The only issue is there's no set schedule, and sometimes I end up inking pages late at night. I'm not quite sure how to resolve this yet, but coming up with a weekly schedule might help that end. :)

I'm thinking of doing a stream maybe twice a week. It would start sometime in the evening and probably go as late as I wanted. You won't see the whole page inked though. In order to finish in a timely manner, I need to work outside of the streaming to get the pages done. So it's a window into my work process and we can chat at the same time.

Some Behind the Scenes

Did you see Kamiko's trick? I hope I made it clear enough over the past three pages.

I really enjoyed drawing Chang'e's room. I thought it would be interesting if she liked rock music. One day, sometime in the past, somehow, she got a radio and later a record player, and she managed to get vinyl records -probably through Kamiko -- of her favorite bands. I redrew/traced over some posters that show up in her room.

You'll see more in the upcoming pages.

Here's a pre-vis in Blender of Kamiko and Chang'e's corpse:

To the Moon Page 3 Pre-vis

To the Moon Page 3 Pre-vis

The cube in the corner helps me set the perspective lines in Manga Studio 5. From this I built my figures and the basic perspective of the room.

That's all for this update. If you are enjoying the comment, please leave a comment telling me what you liked.