2023... Are We Back??

Feb 25, 2023, 8:25:54 PM

Not... quite.

But I am drawing again after taking close to 3 months off.

I thought I might delve into some 3D modeling, well between work and not really ever wanting to do 3D, I didn't get to it. Such is life.

That doesn't mean I won't!

It means that this isn't the right time for it.

I've got enough things on my plate.

But, drawing... I can always come back to that. This isn't so much of a comic as it is some practice. I think I'll be sharing some of my practice work for a while before we delve back into the story. Or maybe delving back into the story will get me to do 3D? Creativity is a mysterious beast.

I'd like to share a bunch of my practice sketches. There won't be a set schedule for these. I'll post them when I make them, or really, who knows?

Please look forward to more. Have a great weekend.