Sexy Ghost Lady

Feb 27, 2022, 6:29:28 AM

"Come on you don't see that? ...That is a really big bird," Catherine said.

Natsumi knew that Catherine would be fine. Once she stopped wobbling on her stilettos and made coherent sentences again it meant that the caterpillar had found a little cozy space in the back of her brain box and nestled into the folds of her gray matter.

How Natsumi knew how to do this even bewildered herself. It was mostly trial and error. After she had gained her powers, when she awoke she would find a dead glowing caterpillar or a butterfly on her pillow. She was never one to shy away from an insect and took to poking at it with her finger, but for each creature she poked it would turn into bubbles of warm light that flowed back into her.

From that she made the connection that they were coming from herself. With some meditation, focus, and time, she found herself able to conjure up the caterpillars -- usually one at a time. The palm of her hand would glow golden and out would slither one of the lepidopterans. The butterflies she had yet to figure out how to manifest, but somehow her subconscious was able to produce them in her sleep.

Now that she manifested the caterpillars at will, she discovered that she could see through their eyes and feel through their tiny bodies. Once when she held and pet a golden glowing caterpillar she felt the sensation of her own finger stroking the backside of the caterpillar as if it were her own back.

One Sunday afternoon in the park as she let one of the caterpillars roam free among a bush. She viewed the world through its sense organs. She tasted the bitter leaves that the caterpillar enjoyed so much. A squirrel had come close to the little wriggler and she found herself making a run at the squirrel's ear. The next thing Natsumi knew she squeezed into its ear. Radiant warm surrounded her from all sides. With each thrust the caterpillar dove deeper into the rodent's ear canal and made the journey into the other side. The animal writhed and squirmed but there was nothing Natsumi could do. She was as petrified and perturbed sensing the pressure all around her from the enclosed space as the caterpillar made its way along the inside of the brain. The tiny ticks of the caterpillar's feet stabbed into the squirrel's brain and sank into the shallow folds of its lobes.

And with that, all the extrasensory information vanished. She sat there stupefied staring at the onigiri in her hand. It seemed as if something should happen. Like, she should be able to possess him. Or at least see through its eyes. No matter how hard she thought, focused, concentrated, or meditated, no quieted state of mind would allow her to reach that morally ambiguous region of mind controlling a squirrel for her own benefit.

The disappointment spurred her on to try again and again. She tried different styles of meditation. She tried actively implanting an idea into the creature's head, but nothing. Not a thing changed. She sat in the park and watched the caterpillar'ed squirrels dashing about the fields doing their usual thing of being wild animals surprised and scared at the sight of humans invading their territory.

It was while watching these wild animals at play that she realized what had happened. In the middle of the field, a large slug spirit slithered across the grounds. It was only a thing that Natsumi could see. Children ran with glee entering and exiting the space of his body without a second thought. A dog ran through the front of him and stopped in the middle to lift a leg. He continued on his merry barking away unaware. A western couple's public display of affection shown through the refracted translucent body of the slug. The squirrels though would run towards the slug and come to a screeching halt. They'd flee or continue around the slug as if it was there. The hypothesis she formed was that it allowed them to see the spirit.

The domme mommy helped prove that theory by sticking the wriggler in her own brain. If Natsumi could remote control her, she'd at least remote her to go home and forget about the corgi pup. Even now, with the caterpillar in Catherine's head, Natsumi felt no sensation from it. She read none of her thoughts. Saw nothing through her eyes.

Okay," she said. Oh well, she thought. "See she's fine." Not jacked up at all. Not remote possessed either. But if she could see the three-eyed bird then it was what Natsumi needed. She got further confirmation when Catherine turned towards Natsumi and recognized the ghoul in their presence. She stepped back and examined the potato-shaped spirit.

Natsumi cleared her throat and turned back to her spuddy ghost. "So this biz with the tall lady. What's she look like?"

"Let's see," the spuddy began. He outstretched his two tubular arms and held them out to his sides. "She's got a slinky body," -- he gestured using his arms to trace the shape of the tall lady's curvy body -- "big tail, and long neck. Oh! And her teeth and nails are razor sharp! And! And on her head she has this wide brimmed cap-thing." Natsumi pursed her lips trying to come up with an image of the creature. Wide-brimmed cap? Like a hat? Elegant, slinky, curvy?

"It's quite the creature!" the spud spoke, spitting slime.

"Ooo," Natsumi said forming the picture in her mind. "She sounds real thicc."

"Thick?" The spud thought a moment. "Oh yeah! Very! She's got quite the girth! And so many curves!" He undulated his arms and for a moment looked like one of those silly inflatable tube men flailing its arms around in the wind. "I've never seen anything like it, and it's freakin' us all out! Goddess, please! You gotta help us. She's eaten so many of us." He lowered his arms. His spud-shaped body leaned forward and he lowered his gaze and sighed with a dejected and exhausted huff.

"Don't worry, buddy." Natsumi began. "We'll help you out. So you get all that?" She turned to Catherine.

Catherine glanced at her and frowned. "Umm, but the bird?"

"Hey!" Natsumi snapped her fingers. "Focus now! We're looking for a tall sexy ghost lady in a big hat." Not a dumbo bird. Everyone knew where he was anyway and he was doing nothing wrong.

"How..." Catherine pressed the crook of her finger against the bump of her chin. "Exactly did you get sexy lady from that description?"

Natsumi frowned, but if this was a Japanese spirit then it was probably some kind of yuki-onna, especially if she was wandering the night looking for souls to devour or, who knows, maybe even mortals to murder later. If the ghost gal was looking for vengeance then it could be some kind of onryō. In fact spuddy's description reminded her of the urban legend Hachishakusama, or the eight foot tall woman. Or, she could be something else all together. Whatever it was, they had to find her fast and make quick work of her.