Ask Her Anything Continued

Mar 19, 2022, 8:53:41 PM

Once her tired eyes adjusted to the night again, Natsumi draped her left arm across Catherine’s shoulder as if they were a pair of old friends.

“You’ve been out for a good twenty minutes,” Catherine said.

“And did you see anything?”

“Nothing. No tall lady. No yuki-onna. No yurei, nothing.”

Natsumi sighed. “Why are you out here? You couldn’t even see half of these things until I put the wiggler in your head.” Natsumi gestured to the air. For any layperson walking around it would be nothing but stars, but for herself and now, Catherine, there was plenty more wafting through the night air. Gold and green lights dotted the empty park grounds and shadowy but suspiciousness (to her) figures loomed in the shadows around the street lamps.

Catherine frowned. She turned to the smartphone she held up. “I’ve always been able to see some of it. Maybe a shimmer or a sparkle, but nothing like… this.”

Natsumi leaned closer to her and read the chat. The voyeurs on the other side of the screen wanted to know more.

“How much do they know?” Natsumi asked.

“A little. I’ve told them ghost stories. Strange sightings.”

Natsumi plucked up the handle of her whip and ran her finger over the smooth metal surface of her heart talisman. “And this thing?”

Catherine turned her Camera down to her lap to show her audience her whip. “I thought you didn’t care?”

“I thought this was an AMA.”

Catherine narrowed her eyes. “It’s a long story, maybe another night, but I remember being surrounded by a burst of light. It came out of my chest and next thing I knew I was holding it. I knew it was apart of me. And how did you get that?” She focused her camera on the Heartwing staff behind Natsumi.

“Oh, you know, I found it.”

Catherine clicked her tongue. "Natsumi…”

“Same deal. A burst of light and next thing I knew I was holding it in my hands. I didn’t know what it was until it started glowing one night. I learned I could use it as a zappy ray if I held it and thought about it long enough.”

“Hmm, the thing Helena says you don’t understand yet.”

“You gonna be like th is? Well, do you understand yours?”

Catherine twisted her lips and looked away. “Not really. I’ve never met someone with one until I met you.”

“I don’t like where this is going…” Natsumi said.


Natsumi stuck her tongue out. There was a whiff of fate and destiny in the air and she disliked that scent of it. “So, what’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever had to do as a dominatrix?”

Catherine smirked. “If you want to know that you’ll have to join my OnlyStans.”

Natsumi leaned in closer and watched the knock-on effect of her question. The chat went wild with emojis and clambering calls to “tell us.”

“How does someone get into dominating people?”

“How does someone become a so-called goddess?” Catherine asked.

“You carry around handcuffs?”

“Why the sudden interest? You weren’t at all interested earlier. If you’re in need of a domme though, you can make a booking.”

Natsumi blew raspberries at her and leaned forward to read her chat.

Catherine turned her phone away. “Paying customers only.”

Natsumi grit her teeth. From her phone case, she pulled out a wad of crinkled yen.

Catherine’s eyes widened. “You know what, since you’re awake now we can get back to work.” She turned to her phone. “Thanks for keeping me company chat. We’ll talk again.” She ended the stream with a wink. With the phone off, she pushed Natsumi’s wad of bills away. “Shall we?”