Catherine Flirts, Girls in Space...

May 7, 2023, 6:19:08 AM

I know it's late in the day Saturday, but here is this week's update.

Before Catherine met Natsumi, she knew a young woman named Alice. One day we'll really get into that with the story.

There's also a short unfinished "comic" with the magical girls from Magical Girl Kamiko, so please enjoy that. Maybe for next week I'll finish it and make it a proper extra to the webcomic.

As for today. I spent a pretty quiet day watching Columbo and building Lego MOCs (you know, two things that go together), hence why this post is so late today. It's been a nice low-key, unstressful weekend so far.

Oh, and amidst my art practice, I've also started to work on the next chapter of Magical Girl Kamiko. When will that come out? Your guess is as good as mine, but stay tuned.

Otherwise, have a great weekend!