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10 Things I Learned From Making Webcomics

10 Things I Learned from Making Webcomics Featured Image | 10 Lessons Blog Post

You’re ready to make your webcomic. You know how to do it, what it’s about, but are you ready for your long creative journey? What do you get out of pouring your time and soul into your project? Are you still hesitant? Well, whatever the case, I have for you the 10 Things I Learned from Making Webcomics. Click to read on.

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The Premise

This Mortal Coil is about Kamiko, a modern day goddess, who must find her place amongst the many different pantheons of the Eternal Realm.

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The Author

This Mortal Coil is written and drawn by Glenn Song. I’m a software engineer and I enjoy writing and illustration. You can view my work on these other websites:


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