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Concept Art: Kamiko’s Lolita Fashion

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Rabbit and the Moon Concept Art 1 | This Mortal Coil


10 Things I Learned From Making Webcomics

10 Things I Learned from Making Webcomics Featured Image | 10 Lessons Blog Post

You’re ready to make your webcomic. You know how to do it, what it’s about, but are you ready for your long creative journey? What do you get out of pouring your time and soul into your project? Are you still hesitant? Well, whatever the case, I have for you the 10 Things I Learned from Making Webcomics. Click to read on.

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Fan Art for Others | Reyn from Imitation Nightmare Webcomic | Fanart

Fan Art for Others


The Premise

This Mortal Coil is a webcomic about a modern Shinto goddess dressed in Lolita fashion, Kamiko, and her adventures helping mortals who become entangled with deities, spirits, and monsters from the Eternal Realm. You can read the first graphic novel inspired by the Lady of the Moon Chinese myth here: “The Rabbit and the Moon.”

The Author

Glenn Song is the author and illustrator of This Mortal Coil and it’s visual novel sister site, The Shrine. He is an independent game developer and co-founder of Prisma Wave Studios. Check out their games Ollie and Flip for iOS and Toodle’s Toboggan (iOS/Android).

You can find more of his artwork here:

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